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HtmlCssEditor is a CSS editor that allows integration with a web-based HTML editor through a Javascript API.
HTML editors can use the CSS editor by placing it beside the main editor or opening it for use as needed. The CSS editor is composed of a tabbed panel that is devided into major style groups (borders, background etc.) and shows groups of comboboxes that allows users to choose (rather then write) attributes for their CSS elements. A panel inside the editor also shows how the element currently looks like, using the given attributes. The set of attributes can later be retrieved for use by the HTML editor using the API, the main functions are Get Style and
Set Style, it also allows the clear all attribute as well as adding a listener to attribute changes in the CSS editor.
Techniques used in the project are XML, HTML and javascript.
The CSS editor was created thanks to the CSS knowledge found in W3 Schools
This project is free to use, view the license.
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Details about the author can be found here.
See a demonstartion of the editor in action.
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